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Introduction to RPA

Company Profile

Record Products of America, Inc ("RPA") has provided equipment to the recording industry since 1946. The current company organization and management team was incorporated in Connecticut in 1977. Our extensive work force includes: Plant Management, Engineering, Technical Services and Sales, Tool Making, Machinists, Electro-Mechanical technicians and Shipping & Receiving. RPA is privately owned.

RPA holds the best reputation as a manufacturer of high quality equipment servicing the optical disc (CD audio, ROM, DVD, DVD-R and DVD-RW) industry. We also provide the highest quality equipment and service to the vinyl recording industry.

Customer sales and service is performed direct from our manufacturing headquarters located in Connecticut, and through an established representative network strategically located throughout the US and overseas markets. RPA is committed to helping customers gain a strategic advantage in optical disc manufacturing. RPA equipment allows the customer to meet the increasingly demanding production requirements in today's CD and DVD markets.

All products from RPA are manufactured and fully assembled at our Hamden facility. Our core business includes ultra-high precision metal punching and surface finishing equipment. This equipment performs the precision punching and surface finishing operations required in the manufacture of master copies and reproduction stampers (Fathers, Mothers, and Generation) used to make optical discs.

RPA equipment provides the customer with a rapid return on investment. The equipment establishes the customer's ability to meet the demanding DVD production requirements of today and the new requirements of tomorrow. RPA's precise and repeatable manufacturing equipment will take our customers and the optical disc industry into the next century.

Precision Punch Machines

RPA's precision punch machines are the benchmark of the optic disc industry. These machines can punch an I.D. and an O.D. simultaneously. The punched hole location can be positioned accurately concentric to the data of an optic disc with lowest possible eccentricity. This ultra precision and accurate punching makes RPA products appropriate for leading edge DVD work and BluRay work.

RPA also manufactures precision Backsanding Machines (surface finishing), Protective Tape Coat Apply Machines, and a Rapid Change I.D. Punch. In addition, RPA provides a full compliment of accessories for compact disc manufacturers including: I.D. & O.D. Tool Dies, CD Stack Spindles, CD Stack Counting Machines, Spindle Carts & Trays, Glass & Generation Stamper Plating Workholders, Mercury Commutators, Contact Rings, and Eccentricity Checking Tables. Other Consumable Products include Protective Tape, Sanding Discs, Lint-free Wipes, and other clean room products. We service the vinyl record industry and support SMT, Hamilton, Alpha-Toolex, and Lened record presses.