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Model 6360 (CD Stamper Thickness System)

The Model 6360 CD Stamper Thickness System is a semi-automated gaging platform and data analysis system for the measurement of compact disk or CD ROM stampers. It uses ADE’s patented non-contact capacitive sensors to determine the stamper thickness. An IBM(R) compatible personal computer (PC) is provided to run the gaging platform, acquire data and display results. A Microsoft Windows1 based application is provided to make measurements easy to acquire, store, recall and analyze. The 6360 is outfitted with a "Universal Platter" which holds nearly any size stamper.

Automated Gaging Platform

Windows(TM) Based System Software

Thickness Stats

Built In Database

Self Calibration & Diagnostics


Gaging Platform

System Software

Physical Dimensions (H x W x D)


Operating Environment

Power Requirements