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Model P-131 and P-132 (Portable Disk Counters)

The Model P-131 and Model P-132 advance the art of counting discs. These lightweight, portable, battery operated machines can be conveniently transported to any location for counting disc. They count DVDs and CDs, regardless of the type of stacking ring present on the disc. They are also compatible with virtually every type of spindle and riser-bobbin used in the industry.

Operation is simple - Press the button and your disc count is immediately displayed on the large LCD. These machine actually learn what type(s) of discs you are counting and alerts the operator to possible problems or discrepancies. The machine is accurate and repeatable.

Standard Summation Feature - Permits counting the number of disc on one spindle or the sum of all the disc on many spindles.

Count your discs on any cart or any flat surface.

This rugged hand-held counter from RPA is half the weight of a common spindle loaded with discs. Why carry heavy spindles weighing up to 9 pounds to a bench-top counting machine, when you can take this lightweight hand-held scanner to your discs?

Specifications (P-131 Hand Held)

Specifications (P-132 Benchtop)

The Hand Held P-131 is ergonomically designed for long term operator use. Its padded and angled handle makes it comfortable to carry. The P-132, also built for accuracy and disc flexibility, is designed for stationary use.

The power from one recharging last weeks. The Model P-131 and Model P-132 are supplied with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and charger.