Model P-141 (Stamper Backsanding Machine)

Completely automatic, small foot print, single head sanding system. It is specifically designed to polish the backside of CD and DVD stampers. Sanding can be performed in one or two cycles using a single or multiple grit sanding film. All the sanding speeds, sanding pressure, and sanding times, are completely adjustable. The Model P-141 includes the following features & benefits.


P-141 Control panel allows adjustment of table speed, sanding head speed,
as well as programmable sanding and vacuum cycles.

The P-141 holds the stamper on a felt lined (green) vacuum table. The nickel dust is removed by forced cooling air directed onto the stamper. The forced air cooling also keeps the stamper thermally stabile during the sanding operation minimizing induced stress imbalance in the stamper. The system has a connection for a customer supplied vacuum to further facilitate dust removal.

P-141 Vacuum table with felt pad and vacuum ring

There are several different vacuum tables available for holding the stamper. There are vacuum table designs for holding un-punched stampers and punched stampers with any size center hole. The vacuum table can be conveniently removed & replaced by four simple spring-loaded clips. An operator can change the vacuum table within a few seconds.

The P-144 programmable timer allows the user to program sanding and vacuum cycles.
The timer then counts down time left in the selected cycle.

Download the brochure: Model P-141