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Model P-143 (Disk Counter)

The new Model P-143 Disc Counting Machine from RPA counts all optic discs, prints labels, and communicates with plant networks. Building on years of disc counting experience, RPA has now developed the next generation of counting machines. The new P-143 uses advanced electro-optical techniques which provide an order of magnitude better measurement resolution. A combination of advanced optics, electronics, and software provides the most accurate counts on the most difficult stacks of discs. The new P-143 system also reports data in less than a second saving operator time.

The highly accurate Disc Counters from RPA include enhanced menu features and menu navigation. The large format back-lit display provides easy viewing. The new machine communicates directly with peripheral printers and plant networks. Standard equipment includes both audible & visual alarms. These alarms may be triggered if the count exceeds a user defined count. A simple press of a button will automatically add up all the discs on an entire order.

This latest generation of RPA counters includes both battery operation and line power operation. This makes the machine ideal for portable applications and also installations where the line power may be interrupted. The new P-143 machine is virtually immune to problems with a plant’s line power supply. As battery operated portable units, they provide the ability to take the counter to the job instead of having to move thousands of discs to a counter.

The new family of Hand-held and bench-top counting machines is engineered to count all forms of DVDs and CDs regardless of the type of stacking ring or printing present on the disc. The machine may be configured to count all 120mm discs, 80mm discs, 60mm UMD, ½ DVD discs, and virtually all discs with minimum stacking rings.

The Model P-143's low cost and simplicity makes it ideally suited for use at each production stage to speed counting and provide accurate inventory control. Coupled with RPA's other benchmark products such as stacking spindles, and spindle carts, this is a perfect combination for all DVD & CD operations.

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