Model P-145 (Nanopunch Automatic Centering Stamper Punch)

The Model P-145 NanoPunch is an auto-centering stamper punching system optimized for blue laser and generation optical disc formats. The P-145 NanoPunch uses aerospace terrain recognition technology coupled with RPA's advanced tool and die technology to consistently punch the most concentric stamper hole ever achieved (< 2.0 micron Eccentricity (ECC)).


The Model P-145 NanoPunch removes the operator from the equation, and requires no specialized tool or special placement of the stamper in the system. The automatic stamper guide adjusts for different size stampers and the Iterative Translation System (ITS) allows for broad adjustments of the stamper as well as being capable of fine centering adjustments that are within 10 nanometer resolution of the system.

Advanced auto-focusing optical system magnified clearly to the put or groove structures to enable centering accuracy to within one half the disc track pictch

The programmable control panel allows one button operators

Download the brochure: Model P-145