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Special Services

Since its beginning, RPA has been a metal working company. Over the decades our ability to turn, cut, drill, and shape the metal components of our products has changed with the tools and technologies that have emerged. Today RPA is one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in the world when it comes to metal production process.

RPA's Specialty Services Department now offers these processes and services to other industries with hundreds of companies currently using unique capabilities found at RPA. Among the services offered are heat treating, plating, cleaning, and metal finishing, pressing, CNC machining, milling, and cutting tool manufacturing and regrinding. All customers receive the same high quality workmanship that has made RPA a world leader in the Record and Optic Disc business.

For more information, contact RPA Specialty Services at (203) 248-6371 or send a Fax to (203) 248.3733.