Vinyl Record Machines

RPA has all the equipment, molds, and parts you need

RPA is a leading supplier and representative of production machinery and consumable products for the Vinyl record and optical disc industries – and we have been since 1946. From new machinery to parts for legacy equipment, we can provide solutions that are tailored to your business.

Record Pressing Machines

RPA represents Pheenix Alpha and NewBilt Record Presses

Pheenix Alpha AD12

Automatic Record Press System

Lowest Cost per Record

The Toolex AD12 offers industry leading quality, cycle times and energy efficiency.  Over 200 AD12’s are operating worldwide.

  • 7 and 12 inch records
  • 24 – 26 second cycle times
  • 1 operator for up to four presses
  • Compact space saving design
  • Optimized for low energy consumption
  • Simple and quick stamper change
  • Proven long-term reliability
  • Easy service access
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Integrated sleever option

Pheenix Alpha AD-12 Technical Sheet



Semi-Automatic Record Press System

Lowest Market Entry Cost

The NewBilt is the industry leading semi-automatic vinyl record pressing machine.



  • 7, 10 and 12 inch records
  • Color, splatter and picture records
  • Optimized for high mix – low volume runs
  • 45 second cycle time
  • 1 operator for up to two presses

Record Finishing Equipment

RPA Produces a Complete Line of Record Finishing Equipment

  • Model P-20

    Record hole punch (typically equipped with 1.5″ punch tooling for 7″ Vinyl record center hole). Manually operated.

  • Model P-20P

    Record hole punch (typically equipped with 1.5″ punch tooling for 7″ Vinyl record center hole). Pneumatic operated.

  • Model P-30

    Record trimming machine to accurately trim the Vinyl record OD. Table accessories are available to trim 7, 10″ and 12″ diameters.

Stamper Finishing Equipment

RPA Produces a Complete Line of Stamper Finishing Equipment

  • Model P-90V

    Stamper Trimming Machine cleanly cuts the OD of a stamper (and master substrates) to a precise outside diameter.

  • Model P-105V2

    Stamper Automatic Back Sander.


  • Model P-60

    Stamper Optical Centering ID Punch Machine accurately punches the stamper center hole concentric to the music track.

  • Model P-111

    25 Ton Press for properly forming stampers so that the stamper fits perfectly in the mold cavity. Compatible with all RPA Center Lock Crimping Tools (P-70) and outer coining tools (P-80).

  • Model P-70 & P-80

    Stamper Center Lock ID forming tools
    Stamper Coining OD forming tools (depicted with a formed stamper)