We know Vinyl.

Record Products of America (RPA) has been supporting the Vinyl record industry since 1946. Today we are a leading supplier of production machinery and consumable products for the Vinyl record and optical disc industries. Over the decades, RPA has driven continuous product improvement and we continue to be a leading innovator for production plants throughout the world.

RPA supplies ALL the equipment required for Vinyl record production.

Machinery, Molds, Parts & Service

Our stamper finishing equipment punches, trims, and forms the master stampers so that they fit perfectly in the molds. We manufacture new molds and stamper holding parts for virtually every stamper & brand of pressing machine. We supply original factory parts for all the old pressing machines. We also supply a wide variety of record trimming machines, record punches, label punches, packaging, and Vinyl grinding & reclamation machinery.

RPA has partnerships with leading Vinyl press manufacturers and can supply both manual and automated systems tailored to your business.

  • All products are engineered, manufactured, assembled, & fully tested at our Hamden, Connecticut USA facility.
  • RPA has all the intellectual property for older Vinyl press machines so we can provide parts & service for nearly every brand.
  • Our core strengths include precision tool making, metal machining, grinding, surface finishing, optical inspection, and automation.

Meet Our Team

Joe Helfrich – President

Joe purchased RPA in August of 2017. The purchase brings Joe’s career full circle. While an engineering student in the early 80’s he produced several independent vinyl pressings. After his studies, Joe moved on to a successful career at industry leading metals and manufacturing companies. In addition to a lifelong love of music, he brings over 30 years of precision manufacturing and automation industry experience to RPA.